Hear Stories

The participants in the Getting Word project tell stories that show the skills, values, and powerful bonds of family that have been passed down over seven generations.

Fighting for Freedom and Equality

Descendants of Monticello's enslaved families continue to seek freedom and justice in their own lives and in society at large by fighting for civil rights. More >

Fulfilling Dreams

In freedom, individuals and families were able to pursue education, practice religion, and carry on creative and productive lives. More >

Navigating the Color Line

In generation after generation, Monticello’s African Americans and their descendants experienced this formidable obstacle to the pursuit of happiness.  Many tried to break down the color line, while others chose to cross it. More >

Influence of Place

Whether former Monticello residents chose their destinations or were compelled to move, conditions in their new locations had a profound effect on their lives. More >


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