k. necessary house

Living on Mulberry Row

Isaac Granger

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Isaac Granger Jefferson lived and worked on Mulberry Row.  After likely growing up in the "Negro quarter," he worked in the main house, the storehouse for iron, and the smith’s shop. More »

Dates not known

<strong>k. privy</strong>, detail of Jefferson’s Mutual Assurance Plat, 1796.This privy was “a necessary house of wood 8. feet square” located directly next to the nailery.  Although little is known about the structure, it probably held chamber pots or buckets that were emptied elsewhere.  The Frenchman Pierre S. DuPont de Nemours likely referred to it when he visited Monticello in 1816, complaining of the “disagreeable” privy located “three hundred paces in the garden.”  Jefferson often paid enslaved people “gratuities” or tips to clean this privy and five others in or near the main house.


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