n. wash house

Ursula Granger

1737–1800 Nursemaid, Laundress, Dairymaid, Cook

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<strong>n. wash house</strong>, description and site location on Jefferson’s Mutual Assurance plat, 1796.Laundry
ca. 1790–ca. 1809

Built around 1790, this structure was “16 ½ f. of wood, the chimney also wood, the floor earth” and served as the laundry for Jefferson’s household.  Ursula Granger, an enslaved “pastry cook and washer-woman,” likely performed the laundry duties in this building.  By 1809, the wash house moved to the newly completed dependencies in the South Terrace wing. 

<strong>n. wash house</strong>, detail of Jefferson’s Mutual Assurance plat, 1796.


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