Mulberry Row

Making Hard Decisions: Running Away

If you were enslaved at Monticello, would you have run away? Explore this and other challenges faced by Monticello's slaves.

Mulberry Row.
Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Mulberry Row—a 1,300-foot-long section of the road encircling the Monticello house—was the hub of the plantation. Over time, it included more than 20 workshops, dwellings, and storage buildings where enslaved people, indentured servants, and free black and white workmen lived and worked as weavers, spinners, blacksmiths, tinsmiths, nail-makers, carpenters, sawyers, charcoal-burners, stablemen, joiners, or domestic servants.

Mulberry Row changed over time―structures were built, removed, and re-purposed―to accommodate Jefferson’s changing plans for Monticello.


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